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Here are 12 of our favorite responses: Few things are more important than your health. Schedule regular physicals and gyno appointments. Learn how to do a breast exam. And never be afraid to talk to a doctor if you suspect something is wrong, no matter how embarrassing — as merulian wrote, “they’ve seen it all before and they will not be alarmed. You don’t have to want kids. That’s not to say that knowing you do want children is bad — of course, it’s not.

7 Reasons Every Man Should Date A Latina At Least Once In His Life

Her phone is constantly being blown up with date invitations, she turns heads everywhere she goes, and she has a list of suitors who are dying to be her one and only. Instead, she lets the guy do all of the work. And if she senses any red flags, she immediately tosses him without hesitation.

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By Livingly Staff on. Boyfriends make the best of friends and amazing lovers, but it goes without saying that sometimes okay, a LOT of the time we think men could do more. Familiar phrases spring to mind; ‘He never makes enough effort’, ‘he’s always with his friends’ and ‘he never notices me,’ but as they say, boys will be boys. So we decided to take a different approach in getting him to understand by creating the ultimate women’s wish list that we hope will make things easier for man and womankind.

And while this is no lesson on how to treat a lady it’s a pretty accurate guide into what us girls are really thinking. Trust us, our appreciation will show. Effort a word no man is unfamiliar with is always the hitch. Take out the trash, call us to see how our day was or do something really special for our anniversary. We’re worth your time. Confidence is hot, arrogance is NOT.

28 Hairstyling Tricks Every Woman Should Know

When it comes to attraction, us guys are very physical. We go straight for looks, so most of us automatically react in the following fashion when we see an exceptionally beautiful woman: There are ways of making pretty girls fall for you, but they all involve letting go of this mindset. Beautiful Women Like Strong Men Why is it that so many guys turn into nervously fidgeting, asexual jellyfish when it comes to approaching hotties and keeping them engaged?

Dec 19,  · According to vogueadishu, “You should always have a basic tool set in your house and know how to use [it], and the same with the trunk of your car.” Be true to yourself.

Star Trek is THE franchise. There may be more episodes of Doctor Who. There may be more action figures from Star Wars. Before you commence scrolling and arguing, the rules: Many two-parters start off great, then whiff in the home stretch. You have an issue with that, send a telegram. Know that only the lowest on the list are so awful they provoke rage.

5 Things Every Daughter Needs to Hear from Her Dad

Kathleen Reagan December 11, at 9: They do not treat you with respect at all! As a driver for a smaller oversize load carrier. Less than 75 trucks. If you call their customer service and ask if you can get more points they will tell you no your company has to make a deal with them.

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What a girl wants to hear from her boyfriend. A true man must try to avoid relationship problems and try his best to fulfill the hidden desires of his wife or girlfriend. Send her a cute text message before going to sleep. Send her a romantic morning text when she wakes up. Show a little appreciation for her good deeds. Show respect for her parents and siblings. Take long drives together. Call her during your lunch break. Sing a romantic song for her.

5 Things Every Daughter Needs to Hear from Her Dad

The modern world of dating is simultaneously easier than ever before—we can message prospective partners from our phones, conduct webcam dates via Skype, and spend more time in the romantic entanglements of other people through reality television than we do our own. Dating is a minefield and putting your heart out there for someone can be brutal, scary, and terrifying—as well as being wonderful, fulfilling and joyous.

Besides, a bit of subterfuge is part and parcel of most successful relationships. Little white lies are told all the time by happy couples.

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Bush “Take it from me, girls — there’s no good reason to rush into S-E-X. That’s why I hope these scientific facts help you choose abstinence, so you need never know the heartbreak of being trapped in a loveless marriage just because you drank too many margaritas one night and gave up your honey pot to a pushy young cokehead from a so-called ‘good family.

God knew that nobody wanted to see all our lady mess, so He pushed everything up inside you. What in tarnation He was thinking when he came up with that nasty, dangling, squishy flesh on boys beats the heck out of me, but I suspect it was so it would be easier for Him to keep an eye on what they’re up to. Boy privates are often said to resemble hot dogs, although if you ask me, the ones I’ve seen always called to mind something like those cute little Austrian cocktail weenies they sell 8 to a can.

But I think famed author Lynne Cheney described the male unmentionable best when she recalled recoiling at “an old Frankenstein’s monster bratwurst that looked like it had rolled under the couch for a month and got covered in dust bunnies and would make you spit up if you even so much as halfheartedly nibbled the tip of it.

Decoding Male Behavior: Why Do Men Lie?

Be curious about her You’re nervous and trying to make sure that she thinks you’re better and more original than the last guy who showed up at her door with a red rose. The result can often be you talking about all the things you’ve accomplished while neglecting to ask her about her interests. Your intentions might be to keep the conversation flowing, but a monologue actually makes for a more uncomfortable evening than a few awkward pauses. So be sure to ask her about herself; just don’t turn it into an interview.

Be assertive, not aggressive It’s important that you show her you’re confident. But, it’s also important not to blur the line between being assertive and aggressive while interacting with her, as well as those who might even prove to be allies on your first date.

Aug 22,  · 9 Pieces Of Sex Advice Sexperts Say Every Girl Has To Know Tuesday, August 22, by Sara Hendricks It’s no secret that sex, when you first start having it, can be a little intimidating.

Lifestyle First Date Advice: Since it is the month of loooovvveee, I thought it would be fun to talk about dating. Choosing An Outfit On a first date, you want to make a good impression. This means dressing the part. First dates are already weird enough. Knowing where you are going and what you are doing will help you plan your outfit as well! Be willing to try something new. The activities that take place during the date set the one for the whole experience!

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