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Older men are superior in every way. Come, younger women, COME! Of course the delusional old guys think its him… Ha! Not a bad deal. If the Millennial men had money, the Millennial women would be with them? So the net result of feminism was failure? Alice Feminism was a huge success for professional women. They definitely believe they are the only ones who count. What they have done to the average woman is quite vicious. Many men jumped on the bandwagon too, Not having to support a woman, easy no strings attached sex, not having to marry etc.

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Titled How Royal Caribbean Controls the Message During a Crisis , the article explains how the cruise line effectively controlled the narrative when the Grandeur caught on fire while cruising to Nassau. A video report by ABC News helped to explain why there were no videos or photographs because the cruise ship’s crew stopped passengers from taking images of the fire and chaos. Passenger Carrie McTigue told ABC News that “even when people put their cameras up to photograph the sunrise, they were told, ‘no photos.

But Royal Caribbean has not always been able to control the images shown to the public when its cruise ships catch on fire. In July , the Freedom of the Seas caught on fire. When we learned that the Freedom was on fire while heading to port in Falmouth, Jamaica, we asked a former client who lives near the port to video the fire.

Dec 11,  · I found a mentor and a system that showed me how to run my business on autopilot. I LEARNED how to get leads on autopilot- I started getting people chasing after me instead of chasing .

Something that never ceases to amaze me is how an idea will arise and suddenly come at me from several directions at once. My theory is that startup concepts each rest on a set of memes and technical capabilities. When all of the relevant building blocks are in place, conditions are ripe for that startup concept to be discovered. That said, there are some startup concepts that are truly out of left field—that leapfrog a lot of these building blocks.

So how do you know if you have a really revolutionary breakthrough or a more garden-variety disruption? Before you build—before you even model your business in Excel—spend some time Googling up any possible description of the idea you have in mind. You may find direct competitors that way. If the field still looks open, go to AngelList and read the short description of every startup in the same sector or sectors that you cover.

Yes, read every single one.

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August is usually a slow month, but the rows of chairs were full, and highly paid financial engineers were standing by the windows at the back, which looked out over black Town Cars below and the Hudson River beyond. Their defaults, in turn, had triggered unexpected problems in the market for financial instruments known as derivatives. The classic example of a derivative is the option to buy a stock at some time in the future. In comparison, more recent derivatives are extraordinarily complex, and they had been invented by quants like the ones at the Merrill Lynch headquarters.

When the quants gathered in August, the most pessimistic among them imagined that the collapse of the subprime market could lead to a shortage of credit as banks dealt with defaults. That would chill the economy, causing worldwide job losses, still more defaults, decreased spending, and withdrawals from the stock market, culminating in a global recession, or worse.

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By Molly Mulshine Jaime King has transitioned from 90s grunge fashion muse to actress, activist and mother. In this shoot, Jaime takes us through the many sides of her personality — inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins — and reflects on her life in the spotlight so far. She came out at a young age in Omaha, Nebraska. My mom is the other person I think of. My mom adopted my sister when she was 24 and pregnant with me, and my sister was Think of a year-old, pregnant with her first child, adopting a teenager.

It blows my mind. A big shift in me happened when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and poly-cystic ovary syndrome, which are very painful reproductive illnesses.

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Recently large clients have bailed because Arise was doing a poor job and it was hurting their reputation. A few years ago they became Arise, and the bad changes have been non-ending, with each one worse for the poor desperate suckers who need a job. Arise encourages these out-of-work people to buy equipment, incorporate, get phone lines installed, etc. This allows Arise to get away with paying below minimum wage, giving no benefits and paying no taxes on these employees.

And then Arise dictates every aspect of their working time as if they were a paid employee. The people stuck in this hopeless trap take whatever they can get; 15 minutes at 6am, 30 minutes at 11am, 15 minutes at 2pm, 45 minutes at 5pm, 15 minutes at 6:

With annual sales of $M, Intrepid Potash is a tiny miner within the industry that recently caught my attention after some significant insider activity, but more on that again later.

Sounds like a country-western song. So a coalition of folks came up with a simple plan to keep people from returning to jail. Could it work in Philadelphia? In Franklin County, when reentry program graduates get out of jail, they head to the factory — neatly dressed, screened for drugs, resume in hand, ready to interview and begin working. Since January , 61 have participated in the injection molding training and been released. The number is even lower for successful graduates: Christine Hopkins is a relentless year-old grandmother who makes a mean banana pudding and never takes no for an answer.

She partnered with a county sheriff whose attitude about rehabilitation took a degree turn about 15 years ago. Building more prisons is not the answer. While you have them in custody, do something with them, besides them sitting there soaking up food. Listening was Hopkins, now executive director of the Rural Reentry program, who had a year career in social services and workforce development.

He was, and Hopkins had him hooked. For decades, she had found jobs for the disabled and the mentally ill, after they took job-readiness training, including soft skills such as attendance, punctuality and etiquette.

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Each summer, around 75 passionate people are hired to help ensure Camp Michigania Walloon remains the special place it has been for over 50 years. Both current students and alumni can be a part of the Camp Michigania staff. Staff members are hired to work in a specific program area and share responsibilities for the effective functioning of the Camp as a whole.

You can expect to work six days per week, and even though working at a family camp offers more off-work hours than a kids camp might, you are still expected to be a role model 24 hours per day.

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Scholarships and Bursaries For more information please see our funding section Teaching The majority of the course is delivered largely through workshops and students are assessed mainly by coursework and projects, with some formal examinations. Postgraduate Staff Profile All tutors, full and part-time, are highly regarded journalists with print, broadcast or online backgrounds. He is an online expert, published author and a former Programme Leader in Digital Journalism at the University of Sheffield.

Ian Wood joined the University in after more than 20 years working in newspapers, pioneering advances in digital newsrooms. Caroline Cheetham has print and broadcast experience in local and regional newspapers, plus national BBC radio. Specialising in breaking major stories from the field and investigative journalism, Andrew Fletcher is a very experienced news reporter, as well as being a presenter for both BBC and ITV.

Paul Broster, the Director of Journalism here at Salford, is a highly experienced national and regional news and features journalist.

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Business Impact The Purpose of Silicon Valley Capital and engineering talent have been flocking to seemingly trivial mobile apps. But would we really be better off if more startups instead went directly after big problems? Beyond the black and rosewood office furniture, the two large computer monitors, and three Indonesian artifacts to ward off evil spirits, Steep looks out onto a panorama stretching from Redwood City to Santa Clara.

This is the home of innovations that have shaped the modern world. And yet Mike Steep is disappointed at what he sees out the windows. Are we really leveraging all that intellectual power and creativity creating Instagram and dating apps?

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Share this article Share The blonde kept light on her feet, opting for pristine white sneakers and accessorised further with a pearl ring. Sweeping her long locks into a high ponytail, Ali enhanced her facial features with a glamorous makeup palette, including false eyelashes and gloss on her plump pout. Ali, pictured with one of her six male suitors, sported a midriff-baring white blouse, teamed with burgundy leather pants and white sneakers In profile: The blonde swept her locks into a high ponytail and enhanced her facial features with a glamorous makeup palette Fit for parenthood?

The male suitors were given the opportunity to show off their handyman skills in the task of putting together a child’s bike The male suitors were given the opportunity to show off their handyman skills in the task of putting together a child’s bike. Ali watched on as the male contestants chatted with the youngsters, before accompanying them on a bike ride.

Intrepid Potash: Long-Term Competitive Advantages At Reasonable Valuation

Merely all you need to do are two issues, one is simple and the opposite takes somewhat time and a few minor bills. Listed here are the steps you need to comply with intimately. That is obligatory so the promoter of the cardboard can establish you, and maintain monitor of your progress in this system. The federal authorities has a regulation referred to as the can spam act that protects you from harassing promotional electronic mail.

Like Basso, Joan Wrabetz, CTO of Quali, says academic work will help teach you how to keep learning. “For me, my MBA was very helpful,” Wrabetz says.

Long only, long-term horizon, contrarian, insider ownership Summary Intrepid Potash recovered from the recent slump in potash prices. As the only U. IPI’s access to strategic resources such as water and langbeinite will provide both long- and short-term catalysts for bottom line profitability and cash flow generation. Valuation, despite at elevated levels, remains reasonable with significant upside in the long run.

This gives the company some very important competitive advantages. Not only that but IPI also benefits from its solar evaporation production which is characterized as being a less labor and energy intensive process than conventional mining. The company has recently undergone a massive restructuring by putting on hold its conventional potash mine and significantly reducing debt.

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