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My mind stops processing the moment my eyes land on his unmoving form on the ground; stiff, still, silent. I’m running past all of the people gathered around, trying to push myself through the crowds. A cop grabs me, “Ma’am, you need to stay back,” he yells at me. Finally I see him lying motionless on a stretcher. My heart shatters into more pieces than I ever thought was possible. Tears instantly start streaming down my face. I take a moment to look at him in his unconscious form. There is no life left in his once magical hazel eyes. It takes a moment for me to process what he’s saying, and that he’s talking to me.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter One. A/N: Well, here it is! The infamous “TWAAL” I’ve been referring to for the longest time in my tags, has finally arrived.

He had been at that point a little too often lately, though, and every single time it had gotten worse. He knew better than to challenge life on proving him wrong once more this time. With a sigh, Oliver downed the rest of his scotch. The golden liquid burnt all the way down his throat into his stomach. Without even the shortest hesitance, Oliver lifted his glass and just waved at the barkeeper to order one more.

The barkeeper did shoot him a slightly disapproving look, but he did pour him the drink. Oliver looked down at the scotch as he swayed the glass slightly.

Joshifer ~ Josh and Jennifer – Love You (This Woman`s Work)

You Can Always Come Home: Chapter 2 Rated PG to R: This is a work of fiction.

Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan.

Alright, I have been working on this one-shot for a while and it has grown and grown. The second half is nearly complete and should be up no later than this weekend. This is a stand alone one-shot. It does not belong to any other universe. I hope you enjoy. Part One I had almost forgotten. Things become blurred and lost in the overall memory. Little bits fade away and become forgotten, drifting within your conscious mind and weaving their way into your imagination.

Causing you to wonder if that small detail you so carefully committed to memory was actually ever real. My memory of him was fading. He was becoming a figure in my past that was slowly slipping away from me. Each day that passed, his presence in my life was becoming less and less.

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Heck, they might even be soulmates — platonically, of course, but their weirdo friend chemistry is seriously undeniable. Over the last three years since “The Hunger Games” first hit theaters, it’s been a joy to watch JLaw and the Hutch bicker, hug, finish each others’ sentences and just be total goofballs with each other — and as they told MTV News at Comic-Con , the magic isn’t going to end with “Mockingjay Part 2” because they hang out literally all the time.

Here are all the times they’ve shown us just how great they are together: When they sang Cher together. Sure, JLaw got all the headlines for having the courage to sing in public on “Conan” last month, but Josh was there to count her in and be her backup. Sorry, are there other people in this movie?

Just a Fuck: Part One (A Joshifer One-Shot) AN: Alright, I have been working on this one-shot for a while and it has grown and grown. So I have decided to split it up so you don’t have to read through.

Thank you to all who have a vested interest in this story. You are appreciated beyond belief. As always, my deepest thanks to myusernamehere who edits with ease, kicked tail on the manip for this episode, and lavishes me with her friendship. A single slit of sunlight flitted through the crack in the curtains and illuminated the hotel room where they were sleeping. He had to squint his eyes to shut out the day. Her short blonde tresses tangled into a wild mess, and the mischief in her sleepy blue eyes made his cock twitch in anticipation.

Memories of their coupling flooded his mind as he enjoyed the feel of her soft, warm skin against his. As her hand rubbed his chest gently, he relived the feeling of sinking into her warm heat while her legs clung to his hips and welcomed him deeper into her. His eyes were open but blurry, and he blinked several times to clear them. Before he could comprehend what was happening, Jen shifted to straddle him and sank onto his erect cock. They both sighed roughly as their bodies connected, and Jen set a rhythm slow enough to milk the sexual tension but fast enough so they could both finish before they had to handle work responsibilities.

Her hands pressed against his taut abdomen, and he felt his muscles twitch underneath her palms. He forced his eyes half-open and watched her perfect, rounded tits bounce as her pussy slapped against him.

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I have finally completed my first Joshifer fanfiction. I have written FF for years and was bitten by the Joshifer bug recently. I hope you enjoy! I own no one person, place or thing. All I really notice is his mouth moving. I notice in the mirror in front of me the reflection of the television screen behind us on the opposite side of the gym.

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Famous people use relationships real or not in order to gain publicity. These are usually set up by their management teams and are called PR relationships. Why do they exist: Promotion of self or product: In order to make money, a product has to be seen. A product can range from an actual product such as shoes, a gaming system, a drink , a movie, music, or even people. Fake or PR relationships can play into this: To do this, celebrities can adopt a certain brand. The girl next door, the womanizer, the family man, these brands are placed upon celebrities, and often the stars will try to play up this image by being seen with products that match their brand.

This can tie into the brand they have been given i. An actor could get a beard so he will not just be chosen for certain roles. Bearding has been a PR strategy for decades, for example, Rock Hudson had a beard in the fifties. Where do they exist:

My boss on Monday

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“Can I just say Jamie Campell-Bower (Jace) was dating Bonnie Wright (Ginny) and broke up with her for Lilly Collins (Clary) and was possibly cheating on her.” Everlark y JOSHIFER Esta historia fue creada por que nunca encontré de THG pero si había de ” Ver más.

The only light we had was from the gap in the curtains, allowing the moon to peak in, but even in the faint light, I could make out the hand pressed to her raised stomach and the screwed up expression on her face, contorted with confusion and pain. Once in the sweats, I helped her into her trusty Ugg boots in silence — an act so well-rehearsed since she had been unable to see her feet for so long, let alone bend in such a way to put on shoes -, quickly stuffing my own feet into my boots.

The drive there felt like forever. I got edgier and edgier with every red light we hit and I had to restrain my feet from pushing on the gas and ignoring their stop signal entirely. Jen was silent the whole way, all but for a few squeaks she made in her throat when more contractions hit, knotting her sweatpants in her fist and hugging her stomach tighter. I held Jen by her waist and her arm wrapped around me too, fingers gripping my shirt when she needed to.

Do you want a chair? Will everything be okay? I turned to her without letting go. She and her voice shook as she managed to whisper. Jen got hooked up to loads of different machines and tubes. She was great — petrified — but she held it together, following all the advice from the medical staff while I stood beside her, holding her hand and feeling helpless.

Josh Duhamel “Romancing” Jennifer Garner?

I hope your day is going well. If you are interested, thanks for listening. And what is casually dating and why does it need to be confirmed? That they get together for drinks? That makes no sense. We could have gotten stories about what a good guy Darren is.

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Para algunas ya es 26, en mi caso es Pero espero que les guste. Quiero decirles que espero que se la hallan pasado de maravilla, yo me la pase comiendo y ahora sufro las consecuencias: Enserio, espero que les guste. Ella sabe que para el amor se debe de ser optimista. Es demasiado aconsejable que lo vuelvan a leer si ya lo lleyeron: Completo y con una escencial total a First Kiss. Submanga Ootawa Junjou Lovers Akira Ozaki ofrece una fresca y realista lectura acerca de los amores adolescentes y el proceso de desarrollo en la adolescencia.

Muestra el reflejo de rechazo y de los valores ideales en una persona. Un amor sano que me encanto por su estilo. Muy a la Kimi ni Todoke pero diferente en demasiados niveles. Ninemanga Balancing toy Ohhhh ya se que varias lo vieron pero es mi regalo por ser mala y de alguna manera lo relegue aunque no lo merecia. Muertes, velorios, tristezas, abandonos y el sentirse vacio al no sentir emociones como deberian de ser.

Behind The Scenes: Jennifer Lawrence And Josh Hutcherson At The Hunger Games Exhibition