Historic Tyee Club at Campbell River keeps the dream of 30-pound chinook salmon alive

For information about our latest events please check out our facebook page and our blog Did you Know? The Little Campbell River and its tributaries flow through five jurisdictions, is over 30 km long and drains 74km2 into Semiahmoo Bay and the Boundary Bay system. Salmon spawning areas, old field habitat, coastal Douglas-fir woodlands, floodplain, estuary, and saltmarsh. The diversity of the Little Campbell River watershed makes it ideal habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals. Green heron, Pacific water shrew, Oregon spotted frog, Red legged frog, Great blue heron and Anise swallowtail. Coho, Chinook, Chum, and Steelhead salmon, and Cutthroat trout. Key Concerns The diverse flora and fauna of the Little Campbell River, including its wild salmon species, depend on healthy habitat to survive.

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The clubhouse, in perfect position on the spit, is the site for weighing the catch. Stainless steel kennel with drying rack insert. In the dense forests and river estuaries of the Bute Inlet, deep inside the traditional territory of the Homalco Nation, grizzly bears fish the glacial-fed waters. Based on the radius, hook up in campbell river new location list is generated for you to choose from.

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In Campbell River getting this one ready to go despite the wretched weather we had last week! The dogs must be able to have their yard back. My newest Fav hookup for my canning produce. 08/28/ Quick Chain-link fence on a Sunday afternoon. Kyle isn’t always the best photographer but we get the idea. Thank you to Tower Fence Products.

Over the season, the closure was a major inconvenience for most fishermen who has no choice but to find other places to launch. The ramp has a new paved high-traction finish, which will help most people get traction to pull the boat out of the water compared to slipping on algae and seaweed. However, fishermen still find the boat ramp parking is an issue. It is hard to turn around in the full parking lot to back a trailer down the ramp. Turning into the new parking area has a tight corner which makes for some tricky maneuvers, especially with parked trailers to watch for.

Backing out of the parking area with a trailer in tow is equally tight, with the parking barrier to be mindful of. We hope there will be parking signage designate to launch users only with trailer or water sport equipment. With the new raised breakwaters, people can walk on it and enjoy great ocean views. The question is, will it stay as a free public boat launch?

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I was disappointed to be charged an extra day for 20 minutes late. There should be more lee way. Not location related – I booked a vehicle which allowed for two days and KM. When I received the contract it changed this to miles.

Help us tell the Fishing story of Campbell River, by using the #DiscoveryDerby hashtag on Campbell River and area fishing-related photos or videos between July 25, , to August 15, ! Follow our social channels to see your images featured, and more details on the amazing prizes up for grabs!

When conditions are good we have had some good fishing. When conditions have been poor we have had some poor fishing. So far, we have had too much warm weather for July. The rain we received yesterday is bringing the water up a bit and has improved fishing conditions today and already this morning we have had good results reported.

The next couple of days are expected to be warm ones with a much better forecast for next week – starting on Sunday – so we are hoping to finish off July with a bang! Traditionally, August has been the warmer month for New Brunswick, resulting in slower fishing at times however, within the past 10 or so seasons, that trend has been changing, as August conditions have been the better of the two months and with our ideal location on the lower stretches of the Main Southwest Miramichi, we have experienced some of the better fishing of the season during August.

Many of the June and July runs head for the upper stretches of the river and sometimes move through more quickly. The August, September and October fish tend to hold up in the pools much longer – especially in the lower stretches of the System when we are experiencing low water conditions. August is also a a favoured time to be on the water for dry fly fishermen. With better-than-expected fishing over the past week, during less-than-the-best of conditions, anglers had success on a a wide variety of flies – from 12 Undertakers to 4 Rusty Rats.

When river conditions are good, fish will take anything. With half of our Atlantic Salmon fishing season now over, it was better than we could have expected with the conditions we received from opening day until now.

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Nestled on the east coast of central Vancouver Island, and long known as the “Salmon Capital of the World” and more recently as an adventure and eco-tourism hub, Campbell River is a natural destination choice, in more ways than one. Capture the spirit of Campbell River with a stroll in the sea breezes on Discovery Pier and you might see a salmon, eagle, or whale. Restore your soul amidst streams and lakes in forests kept green by the mild Pacific Coast climate.

Our beautiful oceanside resort is located halfway between Courtenay and Campbell River, on the eastern shore of Vancouver Island. We are uniquely situated amongst the trees along the bank of Oyster River, just as it flows into the Strait of ://

Rose Greulich, Pulaski NY Another successful dry fly fishermen There are many fish around in the lower stretches of the Main river system, with a few new arrivals entering the system on the higher tide days. With the low water conditions, the fish are holding in the deeper water pools – ideal conditions for the lower stretches of the Main river below Blackville – especially for dry fly anglers – but not as good for much of the upper river system except for the deep holding pools where fish have been holding up, such as Black Brook, Big Hole and a few others throughout the system.

Every season can be different with either too much low water or too much high water – sometimes this makes it not so great for good fishing and makes it almost impossible to have good producing pools for every possible condition. However, we have worked hard at this over the years – sometimes leasing pools for years and waiting for just the right conditions for them to be successful. With the higher water conditions over the last 10 or so seasons, we often wonder if some of our low water pools would ever work out as well as they did in the ’90s and early ‘s when low water conditions were the norm for quite a few seasons.

We have not had great fishing over the past few weeks by any means, but despite these conditions, we still managed to have access to pools with fish around and were lucky enough to consistantly catch fish throughout the entire season by making it worthwhile to continue having access to as many private pools as possible for almost every condition – good or bad. This coming week’s forecast looks like we will be receiving a good rainfall and this is really needed for the entire river system and the tributaries.

If we receive as much as forecast, it will be perfect timing to get our fall fishing season underway on the main river and it’s tributaries.

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Hey Guys, I am in Campbell River and available to hook up. You can come to me I am able to come see you or we could go for a car ride which ever you prefer.

Premier Listings for Campbell River The young and vibrant community of Campbell River on the east coast of central Vancouver Island is beautifully set between Strathcona Park to the west and the Discovery Islands to the east, a metropolitan town located on the frontier of a BC wilderness, inhabited by few people but many animals. Long known as the Salmon Capital of the World, Campbell River is a natural destination, in more ways than one.

Campbell River is big as Vancouver Island cities go. Campbell River is located in a region rich in natural resources. The towering West Coast forests have fostered a growing forestry industry, from logging companies to pulp mills and sawmill operations. Mining is another active industry in Campbell River, with a diverse range of products including zinc, copper, lead, gold, silver and coal. Long before European explorers entered the waters surrounding Campbell River, the First Nations people had known for thousands of years that this was a special place, living here in harmony with nature and the life cycles of the salmon.

They occupied small villages scattered along the coast, and fished salmon, which had spiritual significance and is forever honoured through art and ceremony. The origin of the name Campbell River lacks absolute proof, but it is probable that the river now designated a BC Heritage River, and subsequently the town near its mouth, were named after Dr. Discovered by Europeans in when Captain George Vancouver sailed up Georgia Strait in search of the Northwest Passage, Campbell River is now renowned worldwide for spectacular snow-capped mountains, immense fjords and incredible salmon fishing — normal fare in British Columbia!

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It is not uncommon to hook many Salmon in a day of fly fishing. Call us for details of the species you would like to target, and we will set you up with the best dates for campbell river Salmon fly fishing. We offer all methods of fishing for Vancouver Island Salmon. We often float in our river raft, as well as walk and wade trips with methods such as spin fishing, float fishing, gear fishing, trotting and more.

We always suggest the most productive type of fishing for the time that you are here, but will accommodate your wishes for certain methods as well. We want you to enjoy our Vancouver Island Salmon in any way possible, and our Campbell River fishing guides are well versed and skilled at all local methods of fishing for Vancouver Island Salmon to ensure your success.

HARROGATE ROAD, CAMPBELL RIVER, BC, V9W 1W1, CA has been sold. The back yard has a shed, peach, apple & cherry tree’s, garden beds, greenhouse and RV parking with electrical hookup within a fully fenced yard. There’s a large double garage with a workbench and built in storage cabinets as well as lots of extra parking space. This energy

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The Campbell River Big Rock Boat Ramp is Open—Phase 1 Complete

Reid illustrations by Barb Krimmer Mooching for salmon combines the best natural lure – cut plug or whole anchovy or herring – with the best in boating: Bring your shades, your book and drift with the tide while seabirds call-out the herring balls. Usually performed in back eddies, mooching comes into its own as a productive fishing technique where fish congregate in large numbers in relatively small spaces. Obvious spots to consider include back eddies behind islands, passes, reefs and kelp beds, in fact, any location where land features choke tidal flow, restricting the amount of physical space in which fish can spread out.

Along with current- and land- defined “pools”, other high-percentage mooching possibilities have to include spots where bait fish school in large numbers. Tide lines, whether or not close to land, bunch bait fish stocks.

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He guaranteed us this would be different from anything we had shot in the past. Of course, we were all ears with a definite perked interest. The boys close up one of many fish fighting sequences during the day. BC has photographic moments pretty much everywhere. A classic scene on the upper Campbell River. Jamie and the crew at Destiny River Adventures really know their stuff. Ang and Pete have done their share of scuba diving, snorkeling and white water rafting so in order to impress them, one needs to be on the top of their game with something out of the ordinary.

Long story short, they were more than impressed. The upper section of the Campbell where Pete and Ang snorkeled is a fly fishing only area. Pete however… not so much. Luckily by fishing all my life it was a pretty easy learning curve. My biggest concern was which side I needed the reel on!

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